Welcome to 2 Sandy Palms Designs LLC


Here at 2 Sandy Palms Designs LLC you will find Custom made T-shirts & Tumblers for both men and women of all ages. This is an online retail store. I use sublimation for both T-shirts and tumblers that I purchase or create myself.

T-shirts/Tank Tops

All T-shirts are Polyester/Cotton blend for sublimation or 100% Polyester. 100% Polyester T-shirts will not bleach but the colors from the sublimation prints are brighter than the polyester/cotton blends. You CAN NOT sublimate 100% cotton shirts!


Tumblers are different sizes. I have 20oz skinny & 30 oz skinny tumblers. My tumblers come in different colors too. I have glow in the dark green and blue and I have some glitter and Holographics also. We have the 4 in 1 Can coolers as well. They have 4 ways to use them, and we can put a name and/or design on them also. Because they are sublimation can coolers.


Also, I have a monthly subscription that you can sign-up for. It’s a once-a-month charge and with this subscription you will receive a mystery shirt and a small surprise gift every month. It could be anything from a sublimated keychain to a puzzle or a pillow.

I’m so excited for this business and I love what I do. Everything is handmade and made with love! I have a passion for it, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I think 2 Sandy Palms Designs will be a very successful business because I have the drive to do it.  This is a small business. I have always wanted to have an online retail store and decided to open one up. I am in Theodore which is in Mobile County in Alabama. I ship anywhere in the United States.